Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at Bertelsmann

We take responsibility – for our employees, for the quality of our media and services, and for the impact our business operations have on society and the environment. This is an integral part of Bertelsmann’s corporate culture. We take action locally through a decentralized approach, along our value chain that promotes sustainability, and on issues related to the media and services business. The facts and figures document our actions and demonstrate the commitment of Bertelsmann and its divisions and companies around the world.

Our CR Strategy

As an international media company, Bertelsmann has operations in fifty countries worldwide. Our divisions, with approximately 580 individual companies, provide a broad spectrum of planning, implementing and documenting our responsibility. Our engagement is decentralized, focusing on a variety of issues and depends on location, local relevance and expertise. Our goal is to bring things full circle to Bertelsmann’s core businesses: media and services. For the benefit of employees, products, society and the environment, we invest what we are especially good at – our skills and resources in media production and distribution – taking as long-term a view as possible. In return this investment has a positive impact on our business activities. All diversity aside, shared values and principles serve as our unifying – and binding – foundation.