Ramyam is a Customer Experience Management Solutions Company. Based on its award winning CEM Platform - , focused on enabling businesses to engage their customers effectively and deliver superior experiences  is powered by a big data analytics engine and is capable of processing billions of transactions of your millions of customers from multiple dimensions, deriving deep analytical insights based on its patented technology. The enriched output acts as a fuel to deliver actions at digital customer touch points with relevance and context to each customer. With Marquee customers and partners in different verticals and continuous R&D, Ramyam Intelligence Lab is poised to be a market leader in the CEM solutions space in next few years.

Solution Offerings

  • Customer lifecycle management: Proactively engage customers throughout their lifecycle state based on context based information & recommendations.
    Benefits: Effective Campaign Conversion, Increase in Acquisition and retention rates
  • Omni-channel customer engagement: Unified analytical customer view for contact centre agents resolving issues with context and relevancy across channels.
    Benefits: Reduce AHT, Increase FCR , Minimal Screen Toggle
  • Process Automation: Automate manual, repetitive and information driven processes.
    Benefits: Lower Process cost, Higher efficiency
  • Dashboard & Reports: Monitor and track business performance through intuitive dashboards, which allow to investigate trends, predict outcomes & discover insights
    Benefits: Continuous view of customer present state, Effectiveness Measurement