News | New Delhi, 05/02/2018

Penguin Random House India Switches to ‘Green’ Printing

Penguin Random House India is blazing the trail for environmental protection by becoming the first Indian publisher to have all of its single-color books printed on FSC-certified paper. Wood products receive this certification if they have been produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Penguin Random House India will now gradually switch its production to FSC paper.

Blazing the trail for environmental protection: Penguin Random House India will become the first Indian publisher to have its books printed on FSC-certified paper, the publishing group announced. It says it will gradually switch to printing all single-color books on FSC-certified paper. The move underscores Penguin Random House India's continuing commitment to be environmentally responsible in its products and operations.

FSC certification is a quality seal awarded by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a global non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable forestry. It sets standards for the production of forestry products, such as wood and paper, and documents whether they are complied with. An FSC certificate tells consumers that the paper they use has been produced in an environmentally sound and responsible manner. One important instrument for the FSC to monitor compliance with the standards is the “chain of custody”, which traces the entire processing and transport cycle from the source of raw materials to the finished product.

Speaking about the initiative, Sanjiv Gupta, Chief Operating Officer Penguin Random House India said: “We are delighted to announce that our single-color books will now be printed on FSC paper. The chain of custody (CoC) is a virtual ‘paper-trail’ that can be followed from the forest to the paper mill to the paper merchant all the way to the finished product to ensure that the paper we print has come from responsibly managed forestlands. As the leading publisher we are proud to take this step to contribute towards the environment.”